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Bromyard Downs

Bromyard downs

Rising to over 700 feet, Bromyard Downs dominate the local area and form an impressive backdrop to the market town of Bromyard.

Bromyard Downs Common is a 114ha registered common. It has long been common land, manorial waste of the ancient Manor of Bromyard, and has for generations provided an agricultural resource for the local farming community, as well as a place of recreation, both formal and informal, for the local community and visitors alike. Indeed, the unimproved nature of the Downs attracts walkers from near and far who come to enjoy its peace and wildlife.

The Bromyard Downs are a dominating feature of the landscape, a long s-shaped hill, rising to over 700 feet, with a westerly/south westerly aspect. From its dramatic summit the whole of the ancient manor unfolds on all sides. It forms a key part of an important historic and ecological landscape being linked to the Brockhampton Estate (Registered Parkland) through Warren Wood, and to the nearby extensive Bringsty Common. As such it is part of an important living landscape that links into the nearby Suckley Hills and on to the Malverns. The Downs provide a stunning backdrop to Bromyard town, and have been an intrinsic, and inextricable, part of its history and development.

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